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Killzone 3 Walkthrough / Evacuation Orders - Part 4: Bilgarsk Museum

Check out this Killzone 3 walkthrough and beat Evacuation Orders - Part 4: Bilgarsk Museum with this online demo.


Sevchenko: Be careful.

Rico: Let's get down there.

Sevchenko: It's not our objective, Rico. We've got to follow Narville's orders this time.

Rico: What the hell is this stuff?

Sevchenko: Helgast!

Rico: Here we go again.

Radio: Report

Sevchenko: Came out of nowhere.

Radio: Lets clear the way for the [inaudible 00:01:06].

Shooter 1: That's it. They're bugging out. Permission to pursue, Sir?

Rico: Negative. You get these vehicles moving.

Sevchenko: I'm gonna blow the door. Stand back. Ready?

Shooter 2: The door's been breached.

[inaudible 00:02:24]

Rico: Wait for me, buddy! Hold on, I'm coming.

Sevchenko: Ground floor cleared. Sarge, we're under fire from the roof.

Rico: Engage with anti-tag RPG's.

Shooter 3: Copy, we'll take them out. We better get top side.

Sevchenko: We're here

Rico: There's the door. We've got to get through there. Sev, I'm out of charges. Get the door.

Sevchenko: Get behind something.

Rico: That's it. We're cleared. Look, there's the rest of the convoy. We better get down there and help Narville out.

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