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Killzone 3 Walkthrough / Evacuation Orders - Part 5: Broken Highway

Check out this Killzone 3 walkthrough and beat Evacuation Orders - Part 5: Broken Highway with this online demo.


Captain: Verify those coordinates and we'll be fine, you're doing a good job son. Alright, get on it and get back to me. Sevjenko! Glad you could join us. Velasquez.

Velasquez: Is this everybody?

Captain: The damn convoy is scattered all down the river, we're pushing through so we can secure the crater for the e-vac.

Sevjenko: That's not such a good idea. The thinner we spread ourselves out, the easier it will be for the helghasts to pick us off.

Velasquez: Yeah, good point. Sir, with all do respect I'd like to suggest--

Captain: I think I've made it very clear I don't want to hear a single word out of your mouth! Sev, take Velasquez and his mouth out of my face. I need the two of you on point. We're going to use the XO to clear the route.

Sevjenko: Yes sir.

Captain: Pick up your feet people! The closer we are to that crater the closer we are to home.

Sevjenko: Try not to think about it.

Captain: Sev, get that XO moving!

Sevjenko: XO one commencing sweep.

Man: Thank you contact. Wait. Hold back I'm getting something.

Velasquez: Helghast.

Sevjenko: We've got multiple targets.

Velasquez: Get it off! Get it off me!

Sevjenko: This is XO one, I've sustained heavy damage [inaudible 01:30] progress.

Sevjenko: This is XO one, major systems failure.

Velasquez: [Inaudible 01:47]

Sevjenko: I can't, its stuck. Damn it. The airstrip is down.

Captain: Hold your fire! Sevjenko and Velasquez are all alone out there. Get your ass in gear!

Velasquez: I'm on it Captain.

Captain: This is the Captain, gather formation people. Give 'em supporting fire.

Velasquez: Armor Five proceeding. Captain this is Armor Five. Roads blocked, its too hot to go through.

Captain: Go clear the ground troops. [inaudible 04:43]. Get 'em out of there!

Sevjenko: The area is secure. We're green.

Captain: How many? Yes, sir. Understood. Our crews have got company, they're tracking more than a dozen helghast battleships.

Sevjenko: 12! How long can they hold out?

Captain: Pray its long enough. Its going to be open season on our crews if we don't get there in time.

Sevjenko: Sir, the rest of the convoy is scattered all over town.

Captain: I'm fully aware the location of my troops, Sergeant but we can't afford anymore holdups. Sevjenko we need a route to that crater now or none of us are leaving. You've got the hammers, when you see helghast armor, you punch right into it! We'll ram us a route back home. As long as everyone follows orders, we'll be fine. Lets move like we mean it! Times runnin' out!

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