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Killzone 3 Walkthrough / Pyrrhus Evac - Part 1: Senlin Beach

Check out this Killzone 3 walkthrough and beat Pyrrhus Evac - Part 1: Senlin Beach with this online demo.


Admiral: As the senators can see, the ISA forces are in disarray. Within three hours, my forces will overwhelm them. Visari's killers will not survive.

Jorhan: Am I missing something here? What about the tank group on the left?

Admiral: Jorhan Stahl. Well, I'm thrilled to see that the private sector is interested in state affairs. Again.

Jorhan: The ISA tank group on the left! I mean are you ignoring it on purpose, or is this part of some strategy beyond our understanding? Is it?

Admiral: You build the weapons, Stahl, and I'll decide how to use them.

Jorhan: Am I the only person here who's not part of this archaic thinking? I mean overwhelming numbers are simply not enough. Listen, why not bargain with the ISA? I mean lure them towards us, promise them whatever, and when they're close, all in one place then we kill them.

Admiral: Visari may have tolerated you Stahl, but I am not Visari.

Jorhan: Unfortunately that is abundantly clear. Does it hurt? Knowing that no matter what you do, you'll never emerge from Visari's shadow? Is that why you let him die?

Admiral: Helghast will never, never bargain with the ISA! There will be no quarter!

Attention all troops, this is the Admiral. Double your efforts. I want the ISA dead within the hour.

Velasquez: Drivers take us in. HAMR 2, form up on me.This is Velasquez on Hammer 4. We're sweeping left. Intercept protocols.

Soldier: Roger that HAMR 4, convoy proceeding to extraction point.

Contact. Multiple targets 12 o' clock, 20 hot.

The convoy is stalled. I repeat the convoy is stalled.

Defiance: This is Defiance, we're breaching through.

Velasquez: Defiance hold your position. We'll clear the area first. Do you hear me?

Defiance: Copy that.

That's it, we're clear. Defiance moving forward.

Velasquez: Defiance, stick with the convoy!

Defiance: Negative HAMR 4, we got this.

Helghast on my nine, engaging.

Velasquez: Defiance, wait for backup.

Velasquez: Negative HAMR 4, captain's orders. Speed is high as...

Defiance is down. I repeat Defiance is down.

Copy. Moving on your position. Targets 10 high and zero low.

Take em' out. Targets acquired.

Convoy's back in the game, thanks commander.

Command, strong AA resistance up ahead.

They're engaging us!

Velasquez: Copy, we're on our way.

Incoming bandits.

Soldier: Chief, they're firing on us.

We're clear. HAMR 2 under way.

Velasquez: All units, push over to fifth.

Soldier: Copy HAMR 4. Nice work.

Oh baby, there's our cruiser is that the [inaudible 00:04:37] or the Composer?

Velasquez: It's the Composer, all units, we've spotted our Evac. Stick together, get everybody to the extraction. We'll plow the roads.

Soldier: Oh shit, APC's.

Velasquez: Punch it. Drivers move, move, move!

Keep em' in range, don't let em' touch us.

Soldier: Christ, he's right on my ass. Gunner, keep him off us.

Velasquez: Get us some breathing room, I told you to keep distance.

Soldier: Ah, son of a bitch.

Velasquez: Fuck, he's right on us! Keep us moving, stay mobile!

Soldier: I can't shake him, more [inaudible 00:05:18] at our six. We're breaking up.

Velasquez: Get us out of here!

I've got an idea.

Soldier: Whoa, HAMR 4, where the hell are you going?

Velasquez: Stay on me Hammer 2.

Soldier: We're through. We're through.

Velasquez: All units, HAMR 4, road is clear.

Soldier: Copy, convoy is rolling.

Velasquez: Here they come again!

Soldier: Holy shit, we did it.

Heavy armor.

Velasquez: Engaging.

Vanguard: HAMR 4, this is Vanguard, convoy is reading massive heat build up at your five.

Velasquez: Convoy, hold position. We're trying to find a way out.

Vanguard: We're bleeding people HAMR 4, enemy keeps reinforcing.

Velasquez: Okay, understood.

Vanguard: More armor, incoming.

Velasquez: I see him.

Vanguard: Migs, 12 o' clock, 15 high.

Velasquez: They got a tank.

Velasquez: HAMR 4, your one o' clock.

Velasquez: Target acquired. Nail 'em! HAMR 2, break right.

Vanguard: Moving to flank the gun nest, over.

Velasquez: More enemy targets.

Velasquez: Copy, I got your back.

More armor moving in. Converging fire.

Vanguard: Engaging.

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