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Killzone 3 Walkthrough / Pyrrhus Evac - Part 3: Ground Zero 1 of 2

Check out this Killzone 3 walkthrough and beat Pyrrhus Evac - Part 3: Ground Zero 1 of 2 with this online demo.


Narville: Head to the extraction point. Rico and I will follow in the Hammer.

Jammer: We need assistance. I repeat, mayday, this is Jammer, over. Can anyone hear us?

Velasquez: My name is Sergeant Velasquez. I can hear you, over.

Jammer: Oh thank God. We're in quadrant four four one. We've been cut off here. We need assistance.

Velasquez: All right, stay calm Jammer. Send me your exact coordinates and we'll come get you.

Narville: That's a negative Velasquez. Jammer, hang tight. The troops are on their way. You had your orders Velasquez. Stick to the plan and clear the path to the extraction point. Now!

Man 1: Dispersive armor is holding. Captain Narville, we can't hold our position much longer. If you're going to get here, do it fast.

Narville: We're going to need new transport. Come on! Get your evac posts!

Velasquez: Man, this thing is in rough shape. You might want to test your weapons to see if they work. All right. Follow me to the bridge when you're ready.

Man 2: Power level's nominal. Switching on axillary systems.

Velasquez: This is Velasquez at XO Command. Convoy, what's your status?

Convoy: We're spread pretty thin, Command.

Velasquez: Okay, we're back on track. Follow a bit.

Convoy: Roger that.

Velasquez: Look, there's the convoy. Two watch cannons ahead.

Convoy: We need assistance, command!

Velasquez: Going in. I got your back. Incoming armor, [inaudible 00:02:51]. Good shooting. All cannons are down. Road is clear.

Convoy: Appreciate it, Command.

Velasquez: Head's up, 12:00, 10 high. Get the bridge. Multiple targets. Jesus! We gotta clear the whole place out or nobody is getting to the extraction.

Man 3: They're all over us!

Velasquez: Hang tight. I'm on my way.

Man 4: Look out! The [inaudible 00:05:12] into the area! Look out! It's firing more on us!

Velasquez: That's the last of them. Fantastic work. Vanguard get your asses in gear!

Convoy: Convoy is officially breaking up Command. We are in serious shit out here.

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