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Killzone 3 Walkthrough / Pyrrhus Evac - Part 3: Ground Zero 2 Of 2

Check out this Killzone 3 walkthrough and beat Pyrrhus Evac - Part 3: Ground Zero 2 of 2 with this online demo.


Jammer: Captain Narville, this is Jammer! Do you read? Our platoon is pinned down by heavy enemy fire! Captain Narville we cannot stay here! Where are those [inaudible 00:00:32]?

Narville: This is Narville. I'm sorry. If they didn't make it, there's no one else I can send.

Velasquez: I'll go.

Narville: Velasquez! Stick to your orders!

Velasquez: Fuck your orders! I didn't come here to run from the Helghast. I don't leave people behind. Hold on Jammer. I'm coming!

Sevchenko: Rico, I get it. But we don't have time.

Velasquez: I gotta do this man. I'll meet you at the extraction point.

Sevchenko: Hell no! I'm with you.

Velasquez: This one's on me buddy. Besides, you've got to tell Narville to wait, okay?

Helghast: Kill them all!

Narville: This is Captain Narville to all ISA troops. Get to your evacs.

Man 1: We can't get to you. There's Helghast everywhere.

Narville: Don't give up son. We'll hold this position as long as we can. But we are out of time.

Man 2: Let's do this!

Man 3: Enemy fire!

Man 4: Command, [inaudible 00:03:13] Talley [SP] got 14 maybe 15!

Man 5: Captain Narville, We're not gonna make it on time.

Narville: You are going to make it.

Man 6: Man down! Man down!

Man 7: Solaris rip vector thirty, your nine.

Solaris: I can't see him!

Man 7: Your nine!

Man 8: Command, we're tracking multiple ATCs bound on your location.

Man 7: Solaris just bought it! I tell you again, Solaris just . . .

Man 9: Get to your evacs.

Man 10: What the fuck is going on?

Man 11: Hang tight. We're on our way.

Man 12: Get out of the road.

Man 10: Which way?

Man 12: Get out of the road!

Man 10: I ain't running from you! Die!

Man 12: Helghast on intercept. We got 'em. Firing! We've got to get the hell outta here! Hold it together! Amos is down! I can't get to you!

Man 13: We're surrounded!

Man 14: Damage report.

Man 15: That last blast took out all electronics on G-deck. Rerouting systems now.

Man 14: What about the other cruisers?

Man 16: The Dauntless has reported minor damage. And the Arturous has safely reached orbit.

Man 15: Thank God. Looks like we're going home. Tell Narville he's got to move now!

Narville: Goddamn this isn't a drill! Get to your transport! Move! Sevchenko! Give me your hand. Where the hell is Rico?

Sevchenko: I don't know! No, no! Wait! What about Rico?

Narville: I"m sorry Sev.

Velasquez: Hey!

Sevchenko: There's Rico!

Velasquez: Hey! Get to cover! Now!

Sevchenko: Nearly there!

Narville: This is Captain Narville, contacting all surviving personnel! Retreat to emergency fall back locations. I repeat, emergency protocol five, niner, echo is in effect.

Sevchenko: God help us.

Stahl: Where are the ISA? Why haven't you found them yet?

Orlock: They've proven to be more tenacious than expected.

Stahl: Which was my exact point six months ago. You should have listened to me, but no! You had to do it your way! You had to pound them until they surrendered.

Orlock: The ISA will be dealt with in due time.

Stahl: Yes, well, that's exactly what you said. You said hours, not months. The people of Helghan want results, not empty promises from you Orlock.

Orlock: Once again, you've somehow managed to distract us from the real topic at hand. Why haven't you delivered your weapon prototypes to the military?

Stahl: Because, Admiral, this is a irradiated petrusite! And I will not place weapons of such magnitude into the hands of a total incompetent.

Senator 1: Order! Order!

Sentor 2: You've gone too far Stahl. The Admiral has been instrumental in the negotiations with the veteran government.

Stahl: Too little, too late.

Senator 3: Given the Admiral's continued failure to eradicate the ISA I motion that the Helghan military be turned over to someone who will use it more effectively, Chairman Stahl.

Orlock: He's an industrialist!

Senator 3: With a sizable private army and the technology to back it up.

Senator 2: Do we have a second? Motion denied.

Stahl: As long as this man remains in charge, I refuse to commit my resources to your cause.

Senator 4: We need him!

Senator 2: Just a moment Chairman. Will you give us time to reconsider?

Orlock: What?

Stahl: In two days time, I'll be making a live broadcast to the Helghan nation.

Senator 2: About what?

Stahl: About something that will make your decision so much easier.

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