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Killzone 3 Walkthrough / Icy Incursion - Part 1: Frozen Shores

Check out this Killzone 3 walkthrough and beat Icy Incursion - Part 1: Frozen Shores with this online demo.


Man: Control Base, this is Four Two Niner. We're heading inbound for Stahl Arm's Deep South. Transporting suspected targets, good at two and three. Over.

Woman: Four Two Niner, you are cleared for priority approach. Correct your bearing to three-thirty.

Seth: Your king went down like a pussy. Whoa, ho-ho, soldier. Relax, man.

Enemy 1: You touch him and Stahl's gonna kill us both.

Seth: Oh, that sounds bad.

Enemy 2: You shut your mouth.

Seth: All I was saying is that Vasari died crying like a little bitch, and if you can't handle the--

Enemy 1: Stop it! Enough!

Enemy 2: Okay...

Seth: Pussy.

Enemy 2: All right...

Enemy 1: What do you say, scum?

Rico: Get the hell down!

Seth: Rico?

Rico: Got me.

Seth: You're only six months late. Oh shit!

Rico: Seth! Seth! You alright?

Raider One: We lost Norville's drop ship.

Rico: Damn it! This is Raider Command. Listen up Raiders, pack it in! We are Oscar Mike back to base.

Seth: Wait, wait! We gotta get Norville.

Rico: Relax, it's okay.

Seth: No! We gotta go get him.

Rico: Seth, we barely got you! We don't have the fire power--

Seth: I'm not leaving him behind, Rico. Goddamn it, if you're not gonna help me, give me a gun and drop me off. I don't care!

Rico: All right! Take your damn position. Raider Command to all Raiders, change of plans. We're going after Norville.

Raider One: With all due respect, sir, that is a bad plan.

Rico: Copy that Raider One, but we're doing this. Everybody buckle up.

Rico: All right people watch your fire. Check your targets. Norville's drop ship is in here somewhere.

Raider Two: We have visual on two bogies.

Rico: Raiders, you are weapons free.

Raider Three: Roger that Raider Command, we are weapons hot and engaging hostiles.

Raider Two: Raider Two to Raider Command, incoming RPG's. Dropping down.

Raider One: Copy that. Point at six.

Rico: Raider Command here, focus all fire on the fuel pipes.

Raider One: Nice shot Raider Command! Hook it and a go!

Raider Three: We got some stragglers on the deck.

Raider Two: Roger that, moving up. We'll clean the deck.

Rico: Area is clean. All Raiders proceed to the harbor. This isn't done yet. Raider Two lead the way.

Raider One: Deck crew be advised, we're spotting more A A.

Raider Two: Multiple targets. We've got incoming RPG fire.

Raider One: Moving down.

Raider One: Raider One to three, we're right behind you.

Raider Two: We got solid dibs on that bridge.

Raider One: Deck crew, we're gonna be taking a scrapping run around this. Boom baby!

Rico: Nice work people! All Raiders prepare to move topside. I want all fire on that.

Raider Two: Raider Command, we've got destruct tips on the pad up here.

Raider One: I don't see them.

Raider Two: Command, their at the 12. Circle 'round.

Rico: Raider Three, I want positive ID on those drop ships.

Raider One: Got our bird sir, Norville's long gone. We're wasting our-- Command, we've got a fast mover on our radar.

Raider Three: It's on my tail, I need assistance.

Rico: All call signs, break off and assist Raider Three--

Raider One: Nice Work Command.

Rico: We're in pursuit of the drop ships.

Seth: Rico, how'd the hell you even know I was here?

Rico: Arrogant pricks were a little too proud when they caught you. Got careless with what they were transmitting.

Seth: You been down here the whole time?

Rico: Not all of it. This Stahl guy is bad business. He's bringing P.O.W.'s down here and we don't know why. But that, that's where Norville's gonna be.

Raider One: Command, we're approaching Stahl Arm's Deep South.

Seth: What is that place?

Raider Two: Command, we got major AA resistance on this one.

Raider Three: Heavy missile fire incoming.

Rico: All Raiders, evasive!

Raider One: Command's been hit!

Raider Three: We're going down.

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