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Killzone 3 Walkthrough / Icy Incursion - Part 6: Providence Station

Check out this Killzone 3 walkthrough and beat Icy Incursion - Part 6: Providence Station with this online demo.


Rico: Jammer, get that door open. All raiders, listen up. We're about to unleash a shit storm of Helghan activity here. I need you all to...

Soldier: We're not leaving you behind.

Rico: Guys, Norville's still got men out there. They need leadership. Find them and do what you can to help. Jammer?

Jammer: Almost there.

Rico: Gentlemen, it's been an honor.

Jammer: Good luck, Rico, Sev.

Rico: Doing good, Jammer. Keep them in line, all right? You two with Sev and me.

Soldier: Sir.

Sev: Arms, get ahead. There's another one up the hill. Yeah, get some.

Soldier: I'm coming for you.

Soldier: Over there.

Sev: We've got to find a way up. Let's clear the building. Wait for me, buddy.

Soldier: Medical aid coming through.

Soldier: This is the place.

Soldier: Stick together.

Rico: Here it comes.

Enemy soldier: Clear.

Rico: Now it's clear.

Vigilant: Vigilant base to August 2. Vigilant to August 2. Come in. Over. August 2, I repeat, this is Vigilant. Do you copy? Over.

Sev: Area is secure, Vigilant. All enemies eliminated.

Vigilant: Copy that. Return to base, August, and report to re-assignment.

Sev: Roger that last transmission.

Rico: What are you doing?

Sev: Getting us inside.

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