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Killzone 3 Walkthrough / Stahl Arms Infiltration - Part 3: Assembly Line #17

Check out this Killzone 3 walkthrough and beat Stahl Arms Infiltration - Part 3: Assembly Line #17 with this online demo.


Soldier 2: Try that one.

Recording: Test subject 212.

Soldier 2: That's Earth! Jesus Christ.

Soldier 1: We gotta tell Norville. Come on.

Soldier 2: Cut left through the machinery. Hole in one. I'm not gonna lose you. Hold on, I'm coming. Oh God, I can't move.

[inaudible 02:23]

Soldier 2: Take 'em down.

[Inaudible 02:31]

Soldier 2: Medical Aid coming through.

[Inaudible 03:01]

Soldier 2: Wait for me, buddy. I'm coming, hold on. It's all right man, I got you.

[Inaudible 03:39]

Soldier 2: Come on, let's move it. Taking fire. Get back. Taking fire. Target's using supressing fire. Enemy down. Contact. Nice. Loading Ammo. Get behind something, man.

Captain: This is the captain. Do you read?

Soldier 2: Go ahead.

Captain: I freed the prisoners. We need you outside.

Soldier 2: Copy that. Okay man. Heavy Fire! Right in the head. Look out. Wait for me, buddy. Hold still. You won't feel a thing. Take him out. Right in the brain.

Man: I'm going to revive you.

Soldier 2: Hold on, I'm coming. Get back out there. Medical aid on its way.

Man: Hang on, I've got you. Better than new.

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