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Killzone 3 Walkthrough / Stahl Arms Infiltration - Part 4: Sharp Pursuit

Check out this Killzone 3 walkthrough and beat Stahl Arms Infiltration - Part 4: Sharp Pursuit with this online demo.


Narville: Stay focused! Collect their weapons!

Sev: Captain, we've got a problem.

Enemy 1: Clear!

Enemy 2: Sir, we need to get you out of here.

Stahl: Not yet, I have to upload the backup plans to my cruiser. Orlock's going to jump all over...

Orlock: Stahl.

Stahl: I don't really have time to listen to you gloat.

Orlock: Stahl.

Stahl: What?

Orlock: You're to turn over your Petrusite weapons, hardware, personnel, and yourself to my control.

Stahl: Don't be absurd.

Orlock's aide: Chairman Stahl, not only have you failed to execute Visari's killers, but you managed to humiliate yourself in front of the entire nation.

Stahl: Gentlemen, I understand you're upset. I made you look bad. But the people won't give a damn about today, the instant Earth becomes our territory. If you change my invasion plan, you risk all of that.

Orlock's aide: Chairman, this is not a negotiation. You will do as the Autarch commands.

Stahl: Autarch? Autarch! You made him Visari's heir?

Orlock's aide: Chairman, if you refuse, you will be considered an enemy of the state, and we will execute you. Do you accept the Autarch's rule?

Orlock: Good, the invasion fleet is gathering in orbit around the space elevator. Deliver the weapons in person immediately.

Stahl: No, no, no! Prepare my fleet! Now, you idiot!

Orlock: The moment I have the weapons, I want Stahl killed. Is that understood?

Orlock's aide: As you command.

Soldier: Captain.

Narville: It's not our job to reignite this war.

Sev: We don't have to. They're doing it for us.

Narville: All right. If we're doing this, we need to regroup, plan this out properly. That cruiser's heading to a space port. We commandeer it. Then warn Earth. How the fuck are we getting out of here?

Rico: Jammer, didn't I order you to get back to camp?

Jammer: Never follow a bullshit order. You must be Narville.

Rico: Jammer, get Narville back to his men. We'll stay in radio contact as long as we can. Keep following Stahl. We'll eventually find the space port.

Sev: Look out for that mudslide. There's Stahl's cruiser. Look out!

Rico: [inaudible 05:50]

Sev: Captain Narville, this is Sevchenko. Do you read?

Rico: Running out of ice.

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