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Killzone 3 Walkthrough / Scrapyard Shortcut - Part 1: Scrapyard Perimeter

Check out this Killzone 3 walkthrough and beat Scrapyard Shortcut - Part 1: Scrapyard Perimeter with this online demo.


Sevchenko: Jesus, Rico, look at all of them. Hang on. Captain Narville, this is Sevchenko. Do you read?

Narville: Sergeant, finally. I hope you're looking at the sky.

Sevchenko: That's a warp launch.

Rico: A forward scout ship. That means the rest of the fleet launches within the hour. Sev, the invasion's started!

Sevchenko: Captain.

Narville: We saw it, sergeant. Let's go people! Sev, if we're going to get the warning out out, we've got to get to the spaceport as fast as we can.

Sevchenko: We've got to move. There's the space elevator. Don't look so worried. We'll find a way to stop this.

Come on, man, up you go. Put your back into it. Follow my lead. I can't get that screaming guy out of my head. No one should die like that. Fuck man, if they launch those weapons against a planet.

Rico: Shit, we come the wrong way. I'm going to look around. Good, let's go. Oh no, sentry bots. Huh, no response. Strange, let's go.

Let's find Narville. Space elevator dead ahead. They must be this way. There they are!

Sevchenko: Smells like ozone.

Rico: How can you smell anything? What the fuck?

Narville: Nobody move. Everyone stand absolutely still. Do not move, soldier.

Soldier: What the hell is going on? Oh God, oh geez, I can't do this.

Jammer: Stop moving, man!

Soldier: I can't do this! I can't do this! I've got to get out of here!

Jammer: No, no, no!

Rico: Jammer, what's going on?

Jammer: Sir, we just lost five guys. Narville's going to hack the fence.

Narville: All right Hooper, now slowly.

Rico: We need something faster than this, or bigger. Jammer, we're making a move on the mobile factory, can you fly?

Jammer: Negative, but I can find something else.

Rico: Roger, meet us at the factory.

Sevchenko: There's no clear route to the factory, we're going to have to cut around. Here's some power tools, might come in handy.

Medic: Medical aid, coming through!

Rico: Feeling better now?

Sevchenko: Get to cover. Mag out.

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