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Killzone 3 Walkthrough / Scrapyard Shortcut - Part 4: Mobile Factory

Check out this Killzone 3 walkthrough and beat Scrapyard Shortcut - Part 4: Mobile Factory with this online demo.


Sevchenko: Ah, shit! Jammer!

Man 1: Woah! Woah! Where are you going?

Jammer: Get in!

Sevchenko: Stop! Stop! Stop! Now what are we gonna do? What are you doing?

Man 1: Get down! Are you fucking crazy?

Jammer: Yeah. Everybody okay?

Sevchenko: Jammer, Get behind it.

Jammer: Got it.

Sevchenko: Rico, you with me on this?

Rico: Yeah! All right raiders, meet me up top.

Man 2: We're on board and headed topside.

Rico: Copy. We'll meet you there, then head for the control room.

Man 3: First we get up top. Then we can move on the control room at the front.

Rico: Yeah. We're headed the right way, keep going.

Man 2: Sir, over here! We need you topside.

Rico: I'll go first.

Sevchenko: I got the door.

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