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Killzone 3 Walkthrough / Scrapyard Shortcut - Part 5: Belly of the Beast

Check out this Killzone 3 walkthrough and beat Scrapyard Shortcut - Part 5: Belly of the Beast with this online demo.


Player 1: Sarge, need help?

Sarge: No, I got this. Go, go, go!

Player 1: Sarge, heavy resistance up top!

Sarge: Weapon up, raiders. We still got to get to the control room.

Player 1: Yes, sir!

Sarge: Everyone in [inaudible 00:32]!

Move in!

Tank defenses, dead ahead! [inaudible 02:15] We're not going anywhere until we take out those AA guns. That's it! [inaudible 02:27] I'm not gonna lose you! Nice job! [inaudible 02:52], down and out! Move it!

Player 2: It's all right. I have it.

Player 3: Keep going!

Player 4: Locked in! Close the door.

Player 2: All right. Stand by for breach. Move! Go!

Player 3: Contact! Clear the roof!

Player 2: Clear!

Sevchenko: Rico! Rico, left, left, left! Come on!

Soldier: Nobody move! Do not move!

Men: Yeah!

Narville: Rico. That son of a bitch is gonna get us all killed.

Sevchenko: Up top! Now! Go!

Jammer: Come on! You guys ever thought of leaving before the explosions start?

Sevchenko: Oh, you can do that?

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