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Killzone 3 Walkthrough / The Reckoning - Part 1: Trenches

Check out this Killzone 3 walkthrough and beat The Reckoning - Part 1: Trenches with this online demo.


Velasquez: All right people let's move out. Raiders, I want a full sweep. Kill-all protocol.

Narville: Cancel that order, Raiders. This is the Captain. Hold fire and stay in defensive position.

Velasquez: Narville, that doesn't make sense. We need to . . .

Narville: Get me a secure line, soldier. Sergeant, don't you ever question me on open channel again.

Velasquez: Do you want to listen to what I have to say before you say no?

Narville: Velasquez, apart from being ill-conceived and poorly executed, your plans cost more lives than they save.

Velasquez: My plans cost lives? How many people did you . . . Look, all I'm saying is we need to scout ahead, okay?

Narville: You have your orders, sergeant. This is not a discussion.

Velasquez: Motherfucker.

Sevchenko: Just let it go, man. Just try to do what he's saying.

Velasquez: Sure.

Jammer: What are you thinking?

Velasquez: I'm thinking Narville is a fucking idiot. I want you on Raider Two in case something goes wrong.

Jammer: Yes, sir.

Narville: All troops. This is Captain Narville. The whole factory's explosion has drawn Helghasts' attention. Prepare for combat.

Jammer: Come in, this is Jammer. Reading a massive energy fight.

Narville: Acknowledged.

Velasquez: This is Velasquez. Permission to break formation.

Narville: Negative, Raider One. Stay in position.

Velasquez: We've broken their line!

Narville: Good work, people. All troops are dead.

Sevchenko: Acknowledged. I'm in group four moving up. Sir, we've captured the bunker for the Helghasts' warheads.

Narville: Leave it. You might want to keep your friend on a tighter leash, Sergeant.

Sevchenko: Sir with all due respect, Rico saved both our lives. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for him.

Narville: Sev, go! All troops proceed to the elevator. Move! Do not engage. I repeat, do not engage!

Soldier: What?

Sevchenko: The weapons bunker, where is it?

Soldier: Just follow the trench.

Soldier: We're cut off!

Velasquez: Narville, do something! Narville, you have to attack!

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