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Killzone 3 Walkthrough / The Reckoning - Part 2: MAWLR

Check out this Killzone 3 walkthrough and beat The Reckoning - Part 2: MAWLR with this online demo.


Velasquez: All right Raiders, this is Raider command. Follow me, we're going in. Hold on Raiders, stay in formation. Armor command what do you order? I repeat, Armor command what do you want us to do?

Narville: God help us. This is Captain Narville, all units pull back immediately. I repeat all units disengage and fall back to defensive positions.

Velasquez: Damn it no, take us down now.

Sevchenko: Sir, there's no time, forget about trying to get us home. We've got to find a way to stop the fleet from launching.

Narville: This is not the time to question orders Sergeant.

Velasquez: What the fuck are you doing, we're out of time here and you want to fall back and regroup so we can try again later when the Helghast invasion over?

Narville: My priority is the lives of my men, now get back in position.

Velasquez: And what? Order the attack you fucking coward.

Sevchenko: Hey, both of you just back off. There are more important things than our men, we cannot let the Helghast get to earth with whatever Stahl has been building in those labs.

Narville: If we go out there we can kiss our asses goodbye. We need to think, there has to be another way.

Sevchenko: Fine run. I'm going to out flank you.

Velasquez: On foot? That's even worse than this idea.

Sevchenko: You know you can either help me or get the hell out of my way!

Narville: Sevchenko, stand down. this gung ho crap is going to get all of us killed.

Sevchenko: This is what is going to get all of us killed. You two are with me.

Narville: I am holding you responsible for that

Velasquez: You do that, but you know he's right. Now help us do our jobs.

Narville: Armored division, this is Captain Narville. We need to draw its fire. Hit that mother with everything you got, everything you hear?

Velasquez: All right Raiders, this is Raider command we're going in hard.

Soldier 1: Sarge [SP], I hope you know what you are doing.

Soldier 2: Look, it's venting heat every time it shoots its main guns! It opens the cooling vents after firing its main guns! [Inaudible 00:03:10] hit it with a rocket!

Velasquez: When the cooling vent's open, we shoot our rockets. It's venting again. Hit it with the rockets.

Narville: Whatever you just did, do it again.

Velasquez: Head's up! The cooling valve is open again! Shoot your rockets. Heads up! It's coming back. Let's fire.

Jammer: I'm on your six, Raider command.

Velasquez: Holy shit, let's get out are you all right?

Soldier 3: We're okay.

Narville: Armor continue firing

Velasquez: Get to cover, run! We've got incoming [inaudible 00:05:29]. [Inaudible 00:06:35] Hit them with the rockets! Look out! Incoming drop ships! [inaudible 00:07:00]

Narville: Rico, you've got multiple ground ships closing on your position.

Soldier 4: Get out of the bunkers, the scanners are targeting now. Look out for his cannon blast!

Velasquez: Watch out! He damaged those transformers, keep away or you'll get a shock! Battle's open!

Narville: That's it, unbelievable. Now, that's team work!

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