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Killzone 3 Walkthrough / The Reckoning - Part 3: Freight Elevator

Check out this Killzone 3 walkthrough and beat The Reckoning - Part 3: Freight Elevator with this online demo.


Sevchenko: Captain Narville, this is Sevchenko.

Captain Narville: Copy that. Sev, I don't know what the hell you were thinking back there, but it worked. Nice job.

Rico: Sev, get the hell out of there! All units, open fire!

Sevchenko : Narville, do you copy? This is Sevchenko. Does anybody copy?

Jammer: Sev, this is Jammer, we're still operation. If any raiders can hear me, almost in! Holy God, get us out of here now!

Rico: Come with me! Just tissue damage, kid. You're okay. Hooper, fly us the hell out of here.

Man 1: Sir! Sir!

Sevchenko: Give me your radio!

Man 1: Nobody's answering.

Sevchenko: Jammer, Rico!, do you copy?

Man 1: Sir.

Sevchenko: Captain Narville!

Man 1: Nobody's answering.

Sevchenko: Come on.

Man 1: Where we going?

Sevchenko: To finish what we started!

Man 2: Is anybody's radio working?

Man 3: Where is everybody?

Man 4: The Sarge wants us to get to higher ground! Make a move on the freight out there!

Man 2: They're falling back; keep the pressure up!

Man 3: Sarge, time to go!

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