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Killzone 3 Walkthrough / Interception - Part 4: Fleet Battle

Check out this Killzone 3 walkthrough and beat Interception - Part 4: Fleet Battle with this online demo.


Sevchenko: Everybody onto a ship. Move, move.

Man 1: Fire.

Sevchenko: Move, move.

Velasquez: Releasing docking clamps. There's the cruiser plot in a course.

Sevchenko: We've got incoming, brace yourselves.

Jammer: I'm coming up on your right.

Velasquez: Where's Stahl? I don't see him.

Jammer: Bank left.

Enemy 1: The Chairman is exposed. Wing group, fold up.

Stahl: Give me that. Stop broadcasting on an open channel.

Sevchenko: Mel [SP], get that channel back.

Man 3: Got it.

Stahl: Use your pointers, forward batteries, ranking fire.

Velasquez: Coming on about, Jammer where are you?

Jammer: I've got Stahl in my sights.

Sevchenko: [Inaudible 00:01:21]?

Jammer: More fighters coming in from the right. Fighters, dead ahead. The cruiser is spinning out of control. Bank left, bank left.

Enemy 1: ISA target lost.

Sevchenko: Jammer, you've got one on your tail, pull up.

Jammer: We're all right, got a little scorched on that one.

Velasquez: This fleet won't last long against those petrusite cannons.

Sevchenko: There's the cruiser.

Jammer: And there's Stahl

Velasquez: Follow him in, follow up.

Jammer: Copy.

Stahl: Get them off me.

Enemy 1: The ISA is right behind us. [Inaudible 00:02:36]

Stahl: Take us to warp, now!

Velasquez: Warp drive is online. He's going for Earth.

Sevchenko: I'm not going to let that happen. Jammer, target the guns and the engines. If that cruiser gets out of here, Earth is finished.

Jammer: We're not going to let that happen.

Man 4: Enemy strikes [inaudible 00:03:16] strikers.

Velasquez: Coming around.

Jammer: Rico, the FTL is online.

Velasquez: I know, we can't get to it.

Jammer: Destroying the warp coil is our only chance of stopping Stahl. A couple of rockets to the coil, ignite it. We'll stop the ship.

Sevchenko: You don't want to make a path on the warp coil. We only get one shot at this so let's make it count.

Jammer: It's going to jump.

Sevchenko: Come on, give it everything you've got.

Jammer: Good shooting. That'll buy us a few more seconds before they can fully charge up the warp coil. There's three more igniters on the other side of the coil.

Enemy 1: Hull breach, we've got a hull breach.

Stahl: Damn it. Multiple decks. Return fire. Target acquired. It's the fucking ships, do something, fire!

Velasquez: Wow, that was too close.

Jammer: The warp coil is already charged, they're launching now.

Sevchenko: Hit it.

Enemy 1: The coil is overloading, we have to go now.

Stahl: No.

Enemy 1: Chairman, you can't stop it. It's too late.

Stahl: Watch me. Come on, come on.

Velasquez: He's going to land.

Sevchenko: Yeah, I don't think so.

Jammer: Incoming.

Velasquez: Shoot those incoming missiles. We're not letting this bastard get away. We're [inaudible 00:06:13] Jammer, I just want you to know. Oh no.

Stahl: Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Velasquez: Jammer, [Inaudible 00:06:59] move! Jammer are you there? Jammer respond.

Jammer: What did I tell you guys about leaving before the explosion starts?

Man 5: Guys, it looks like we'll be coming up on the space station in a second.

Man 6: Oh my god.

Jammer: I'm not hearing any com traffic.

Velasquez: Yeah, we took out the fleet.

Jammer: I mean nothing. The entire planet is silent.

Sevchenko: Jesus, how many people were down there?

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