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How to Make it onto a College Softball Team

Learn how to make it onto a college softball team with the softball tips from coach Erin Goettlicher in this Howcast video.


"I'm Erin Goettlicher, and I'm a professional softball coach. After I played through high school, I went out and played for college level, and then spent a cup of tea at the professional level. I'm self-employed, and own Pro Softball Training. Pro Softball Training offers instruction in all kinds of softball. You name it, we can do it. Today, I will be talking to you about softball.

In order to make it onto the college softball team there are a lot of things that we need to consider. First and foremost the amount of time, effort, and hard work that goes into preparing for college.

Playing at the collegiate level means that you have high skills in our game of softball. The first priority however, needs to be the academic side of things. Going to college means you want to get a college degree and that needs to be your priority.

Second of all you need to understand the level you can play at or want to play at. There are many different levels to choose from: whether you play at the division 1, 2, or 3 level or for community college; there are options for everyone.

Some athletes choose their college based on their different priorities when they go, move away to school. Some are a lot more focused on their academics. Some more focused on playing softball. And others like a good combination that also includes a little bit of a social life.

There's a place to play college softball for just about everyone if you truly want to. Preparing in advance by learning how to play when you are young and playing a lot until you get to college. Also, doing your research in advance. Studying the different universities and college softball programs that are offered is important."

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