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How to Pitch like Softball Legend Jennie Finch

Learn how to pitch like softball legend Jennie Finch with the softball tips from coach Erin Goettlicher in this Howcast video.


"I'm Erin Goettlicher, and I'm a professional softball coach. After I played through high school, I went out and played for college level, and then spent a cup of tea at the professional level. I'm self-employed, and own Pro Softball Training. Pro Softball Training offers instruction in all kinds of softball. You name it, we can do it. Today, I will be talking to you about softball. In order to pitch like softball legend Jennie Fitch it takes years of practice dedication and hard work. After playing in college Jennie became part of US National team where she went on and pitch to the 2004 Athens Olympics and in 2008 in Beijing. Jennie won a gold medal in 2004. She also played in the national pro fast pitch league. She spend 4 years pitching there where she holds numerous records, as well as her perfect games at the highest level of softball. Part that makes Jennie special as her physical skills: for 1 she's 6 foot long which gets her great advantage because she is able to really use her body to create lots of power
force to play. Jennie is very good with her body. She uses really fluid motion. She's able to use both of her arms and her legs together to put her pitch together. When Jennie strides off the ban she is able to create enough power that she strides almost 8 feet off from the pitchers plate. From the pitcher mount to home plate softball and international includes the level is 43 feet. When Jennie leaves a pitchers mount she can reach out all the way to 8 feet which puts her an almost 35 feet from the batter. Once she releases that ball Jennie can throw anywhere between 68 and 72 miles per hour. For a comparison of fastball and baseball coming from 60 feet that is a 100 miles per hour is equal to a softball at 70 miles per hour. That gives you a little idea how quickly Jennie can bring the ball to you. The other thing that makes her special is she can change up speeds. One minute that ball might be coming at you with 70 miles per hour and the next pitch maybe coming almost 20 miles an hour slower around 50."

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