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How to Get into a Millionaire Matchmaker Mixer

Patti Stanger, host of the TV show _Millionaire Matchmaker_ and owner of the Millionaire's Club dating service, is famous for her mixers, where hot singles get to meet Patti's rich clients. Score an invite with these tips.


  • Step 1: Have professional photos taken Have professional photos taken: You must submit at least 1 headshot and 1 full-length body shot to be considered for a Millionaire's Club mixer. Amateur snapshots and those taken by photography franchises like Glamour Shots are not accepted. Go to and click on "how to join" for more details.
  • TIP: Women are encouraged to smile in at least some of the photos.
  • Step 2: Complete a form Download and complete the Client Profile Form available on the site. Then email it, along with your photos, to Snail mail submissions are not accepted.
  • Step 3: Agree to appear on TV To be considered for a Millionaire Matchmaker TV show mixer, go to, click on "Casting," and follow the instructions to apply. If you know the show is coming to your city, comb through Craigslist and local alternative weeklies for casting notices, or sniff around the nightclub scene in your area; casting agents often scour hot clubs for participants.
  • TIP: If you get tapped for a TV appearance -- either as a mixer applicant or a millionaire -- you'll often get a free 1-year membership to Patti's matchmaking service.
  • Step 4: Increase your chances If you're invited to a casting call for a Millionaire Matchmaker mixer, increase your chances of making the cut by dressing "upscale sexy," appearing confident in your own skin and -- no matter what Patti says to you -- remaining respectful. Say that you're open to everyone -- fat, short, bald, ugly, and people of different religions and races. If you're dating someone, don't admit it.
  • Step 5: Crash a mixer If you're very attractive and can suss out where Patti Stanger is holding her next Millionaire Matchmaker mixer, just show up. Patti's been known to let crashers in if she thinks they have what her millionaires want. Just be careful: If Patti catches you flirting with anyone other than the millionaire you're supposed to be competing for, you'd better run for cover!
  • Step 6: Don't feel bad Don't feel bad if Patti or her clients reject you. What kind of a millionaire needs help getting dates anyway?
  • FACT: Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger once said she'd "rather die" than participate in one of her own mixers.

You Will Need

  • Professional photos
  • Client Profile Form
  • "Upscale sexy" appearance
  • Confidence
  • Respectfulness
  • Open mind
  • Thick skin

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