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How to Handle Saying Someone Else's Name during Sex

Oops: The name you uttered -- or screamed -- during sex is not the name of the person you're with. Awkward! Recover fast with these tips.


  • Step 1: Ignore it Ignore it. With any luck, your partner was too into the action to notice. And even if they did, chances are they'd just as soon pretend it didn't happen too. Either way, no good will come of bringing it up if they're willing to overlook it.
  • Step 2: Deny it If confronted, deny, deny, deny. Unless they're recording the encounter, they'll have no proof you said someone else's name during sex.
  • TIP: Try breaking the tension by saying you refuse to answer any more questions without the presence of an attorney.
  • Step 3: Trivialize it Trivialize it by retorting, "Oh, like you've never said someone else's name during sex." If you act like it's no big deal, maybe they will too.
  • Step 4: Deflect it Deflect your blunder with psychobabble: Include the words subconscious, fixation, validate, safety, and inner child in any combination that at least approaches a logical explanation.
  • Step 5: Explain it Come up with a plausible, innocent explanation why someone else's name popped out of your mouth at such an inopportune time. Yeah, good luck with that one.
  • Step 6: Apologize Say you're sorry. Because, at the end of the day, you owe your partner a big apology for saying someone else's name during sex. P.S.: An expensive gift wouldn't hurt either.
  • FACT: 84 percent of adults surveyed admit they've fantasized about someone else while having sex.

You Will Need

  • Feigned innocence
  • Psychobabble
  • Explanation
  • Apology
  • Expensive gift
  • Humor (optional)

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