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How to Teach Your Child to Read with Anne Glass

Learn about learning specialist Anne Glass, one of Howcast's experts in teaching children how to read, in this video.


Hi. my name is Anne Glass. I'm a reading and learning specialist at a private school in New York City and I work with Kindergarteners through 3rd graders on Reading, Word Study, and Writing Skills. I have 2 masters degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University. One in learning disabilities, and one in reading. I also teach graduate students in the department of Special Education at a local city university. In addition to be a reading specialist and learning specialist, I'm also a parent. I have 2 boys, who are 5 and 8 years old. They're in kindergarten and 2nd grade, and have actually taught me as much about teaching as my graduate programs. Today I'm here to talk to you about reading.

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