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What Is Invented Spelling?

Learn what invented spelling is from reading specialist Anne Glass in this Howcast video.


Hi. my name is Anne Glass. I'm a reading and learning specialist at a private school in New York City and I work with Kindergarteners through 3rd graders on Reading, Word Study, and Writing Skills. In addition to be a reading specialist and learning specialist, I'm also a parent and today I'm going to talk to you about topics in reading. Invented spelling is a term that we use to describe emergent readers attempts at putting written language on paper. For example in kindergarten or first grade students will not know conventional orthographic patterns for spelling words and will put down basically their best guess. It's an approximation of the word that they are trying to write. My own son is in kindergarten and he recently wrote a story about Mommy and I went for ice cream and ice cream was spelled iscm so he left out the r sound and the long e sound, but that's fine and children who experiment with spelling and put down incorrect spellings that are pretty good approximation for the word they are trying to write down and should be rewarded and encouraged and not corrected. Once a child gets into about 1st grade and has more knowledge about spelling patterns and orthographic patterns then those concepts should be applied to writing. So for example, if in 1st grade you've learned about the vowel team ea says e, then ice cream should include that and the child should not be permitted to spell ice cream iscm.

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