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What Is Isolation in Belly Dancing?

Let belly dancer Irina Akulenko teach you about the importance of knowing how to isolate different body parts for belly dancing in this Howcast video.


Isolation is one of the most fundamental principle of belly dance. For that isolation there is no belly dance. Isolation is the ability to move one part of the body, for eg. Like your head, your chest, your hips, or your wrists. Move it while keeping rest of your body completely stable. In belly dance, we all fill layer in different isolations in unusual patterns with each other to create a truly mesmerizing movement. So isolation takes a very long time to develop and it requires a lot of practice. You going to motion naturally is very small, so note it to be able to really isolate and to express that movement that looks so simple, really really well, you need to practice every day for an extensive amount of time. Worth is as much as you can handle. So the next few videos, we are going to learn the fundamental isolations.

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