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How to Do a Head Slide

Let belly dancer Irina Akulenko teach you how to do the belly dance move known as a head slide in this Howcast video.


Now I'm gonna try a move called The Head Slide. Now before you attempt this move make sure you warm up your neck either with head circles going in both directions. Or adding a small stretch pressing the ear down and make sure you do that on both sides. Now once you're ready, nice and warm, what you wanna do is keep your chin horizontal to the floor and what you're gonna wanna think about is reaching your ear towards your thumb and you're gonna keep the hands right in front of you. The palms are gonna be facing you, the thumbs sticking up. So now you wanna try to reach the ear all the way to one side without tilting your head but just sliding over and then trying to do the other side. Coming back to neutral position going over to one side and then going over again. And you might wanna practice this every day for a little while in order to build up range of motion because in the beginning this movement will be very very small. So you might wanna stand there in front of the mirror and just practice from side to side. And that's how yo do a basic Head Slide.

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