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How to Do Shoulder Isolations in Belly Dancing

Let belly dancer Irina Akulenko teach you how to do shoulder isolations in this belly dancing video from Howcast.


Now we are going to try shoulder isolations. Let's inhale the arms all the way up, exhale, bring them all the way out and reach side to side as far as you can. Once you're here, drop the shoulders down the back, and you'll have this tight feeling as if you have both shoulders connected through one plank. Drop the elbows down, and now you want to think about one shoulder at a time. So focus on the right shoulder, you'll going to push it all the way front and since your both shoulders are connected, the left shoulder will do the opposite movement, it's going to slide all the way back. Hold it in here, you want to focus on the wrists now and want to keep them in absolutely the same spot. Fingers are dropped, the middle finger is dropped lower than the thumb, chest is lifted and now you're going to do the opposite move. You're going to slide the right shoulder back, left shoulder comes forward. And again, push it straight in front of you, and again, keeping the wrists completely still, chest is lifted, chin is lifted. Let's try that with music. [music playing] And try a little bit faster. [music playing] So, make sure when you're plunching you're coming straight in front of you, there's no lift it's a slide to the front. And a little bit faster. Make sure your still breathing, and relaxing your face and relaxing your neck. The wrists are completely still. And at full speed, the shoulder isolations actually turn into a shimmy. And this is how you do shoulder isolation.

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