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How to Do Side-to-Side Chest Slides in Belly Dancing

Let belly dancer Irina Akulenko teach you how to do side-to-side chest slides in this belly dancing video from Howcast.


Now, we're going to try the chest slides, we're going to go side to side. Let's inhale the arms up and come back into our normal belly dance posture, so that means our knees are bent, tailbone tucked under, chest is lifted, shoulders back, chin up, wrists still. Now, we're going to slide the ribcage over to one side and then over to the other side. While you're doing this you want to think about your hips staying completely still, knees are bent, and if you feel like you're losing your balance, press the knees together in order to stabilize yourself and you're going to press your feet into the floor. From here, remember to lift the chest up slightly and again let's isolate by sliding to the right side and then over to the left. And let's try double time. And when you feel really comfortable with this, add arms, moving up slowly and down. And a little bit faster. And that's how you isolate your chest from side to side.

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