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How to Do Hip Twists in Belly Dancing

Let belly dancer Irina Akulenko teach you how to do hip twists in this belly dancing video from Howcast.


So, now we're going to isolate our hips, going front to back. Let's assume the basic belly dancing posture position, knees are bent, chest is lifted, make sure the lower abs are engaged. Now you're going to attempt to slide your hips going forward to back. Sliding the right hip, twisting it all the way front by keeping the chest completely neutral and now you're going to reverse it and slide back and again coming forward and back. Let's try that with music. Make sure the knees are staying slightly bent, the hands are staying really still, chin is lifted, and faster. And once again it's a completely horizontal movement, there is no lift. And try it full speed and that's how you isolate your hips.

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