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How to Isolate Upper Abs in Belly Dancing

Let belly dancer Irina Akulenko teach you how to isolate your upper abs in this belly dancing video from Howcast.


So now we're gonna try to isolate just the upper abs. Keeping the knees bent, chest lifted and feel the lift coming from your upper back so you wanna feel the support lifting you up. Try to relax your abdominal area, keeping the knees bent, hips neutral. You're going to relax the lower abs, and then contract the upper abs in sharply. Inhale and try to find it with an exhale, so if you exhale really sharply, you're gonna find that contraction. Feel that and try to get in touch with that without using your breath. So, keeping the lower abs relaxed, you're gonna contract everything in and push out, and contract in and out. And really try to avoid using your breath to find that muscle or at least after you find it, try to relax and not use a breath for each contraction. Let's try that with music -- and in. And a little bit faster. Check to see if your lower abs are engaged. They should be relaxed. This is purely an upper ab contraction. Let's try faster. That's how you isolate your upper abs.

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