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How to Do a Belly Roll in Belly Dancing

Let belly dancer Irina Akulenko teach you how to do a belly roll in this belly dancing video from Howcast.



So now we're going to combine the upper ab and lower ab isolations to create a belly roll. Keeping the knees bent, chest lifted, we're going to contract just the upper abs, then contract the just the lower abs so that the whole belly is super tight. Push out the upper abs and then push out the lower abs. Contract them in, in, out and out. Let's try that with music. And smoothing it out. And you can reverse this starting with the bottom up, so you're going to contract the lower abs first, bring the chest down, contracting the upper abs, releasing the lower abs, releasing the upper abs. In, in, out, out. In, in, out, out. And a little faster. And that's how you belly roll.

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