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How to Do Vertical Hip Circles in Belly Dancing

Let belly dancer Irina Akulenko teach you how to do vertical hip circles in this belly dancing video from Howcast.


Now let's try doing a vertical hip circle on just one hip. So, coming back to the same position we use in order to do a hip drop and a hip lift, stand the knee the left leg for now is bent. Stepping the other foot next to it, heel is lifted. Both knees bent, tailbone tucked down, chest lifted, shoulders back, arms out. We're going to contract the hip up and keep it there for a second. Now we're going to push the hip forward just like we do a twist front to back. Only this time the foot is gonna be lifted and the heels up. Pushing the hip forward, dropping the hip down and pulling it back. Lifting up. Forward. Down. And back. Let's try that with music.

And when you smooth it out, you get a circle. And you can reverse it as well, going up, back, down, forward. Up. Back. Down. Forward. And smooth it out. Reach. Try to keep yourself from changing your level so the head stays in exactly the same spot. Chest is lifted.

And that's how you do a one-sided hip circle.

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