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How to Do a Vertical Figure 8 in Belly Dancing

Let belly dancer Irina Akulenko teach you how to do the belly dance move known as a vertical figure 8 in this Howcast video.


Now let's try Vertical Figures on both hips form up to down. Keeping the knees bent we're going to lift the right heel off the floor, push away into the right hip. Now we're going to slide it out, drop the heel down, bring the hip down and contracted back in towards the centre. Now we're going to switch our attention from this side to the other side the body, lifting the left hip up, pushing out, dropping the heel down contracting back in. Lifting right, right heel comes up the floor, pushing up, coming down, pulling back to centre, lifting the left side out, heel down and in. Now you want to be careful, when you're pushing out, make sure you're keeping the way on the inside of the foot, you don't want to roll the ankle at all, so you want to stay centred. So once again, you want to keep the chest really havering up, chin up, and this movement should not your upper body whatsoever. So let's try that with music. [music playing] Stepping right, stepping left. Let's try it a little bit faster. So you want to make sure your tail bones are pointing down no matter what and your lower are still engaged and there is no twisting to this motion so it's actually happening just from side to side there is no front or back dimension to it, and the tail bone's tucked down. Once again. For now, I will recommend keeping this out of your chest hyper isolating but sometimes you want to let your chest involved and let it travel into your upper body. So that's how you're doing an up to down vertical figure 8.

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