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How to Do a Reverse Horizontal Figure 8 in Belly Dancing

Let belly dancer Irina Akulenko teach you how to do the belly dance move known as a reverse horizontal figure 8 in this Howcast video.


Now let's reversing the horizontal figure 8 -- now it's going to be traveling back to front. Keeping the knees bent, twisting the hip back first -- so we're going to focus on the right hip first -- twisting all the way back, pushing through to the back corner, coming along the right side, until you hit the front corner, sliding through, contracting the lower abs and shifting your attention to the back of the left side. At the back corner coming forward, contracting the lower abs, pulling in. And right side, and back, and left, and back. For now this movement is happening completely horizontally to the floor -- there's is no up to down twist. This one is just horizontal to the floor. Let's try that with music. Right hip back, and scoop, and scoop, contract lower hips, and around, and around. You're going to try to keep you rib cage relatively still. There's no level change -- your head is staying in the same place. It's a smooth figure 8. And that's how you reverse a horizontal figure 8.

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