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How to Do a Single Hip Vertical Figure 8 Belly Dance Move

Let belly dancer Irina Akulenko teach you how to do the belly dance move known as a single hip vertical figure 8 in this Howcast dance video.


Now let's try doing the figure 8 only on one hip, switching your position coming back to standing on the left leg, keeping you left knee bent, brining the right foot forward heel up. We're going to lift the chest up, extend the arms, lift the right hip up, drop it forward, bring it back down and come back to neutral position where you normally are standing. Then you're going to proceed to lift it up, bring it back, drop it down and again come back to neutral. Up, forward, down, neutral, up, back, down, neutral. So we are drawing a figure 8 going up to down, and again this is happening in this dimension, parallel to your body if you are facing the one side. Let's try that with music and faster. And that's how you do one sided hip figure 8.

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