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How to Do Undulations in Belly Dancing

Let belly dancer Irina Akulenko teach you how to do belly dance undulations in this Howcast video.


So now let's try the basic undulation. Keeping the knees bent, lower abs engaged, we're gonna slide the chest all the way forward. Lift it back up. Contract the upper abs to drop the chest down and then contract the lower abs to bring the hips under. And then untuck. But make sure that when you untuck you do not arch the lower back. So you want to come to neutral position. Again, sliding the chest forward. Chest up. Upper abs. Lower abs. And release. And as you shift, you're going to feel like you're shifting your weight toward the toes. And then coming back into the heel. Reaching the chest forward. Up. Upper abs. Lower abs. Release. And smoothing it out into an undulation. Let's try that with music.

And as you speed it up, you'll make it a little bit smaller. So stop shifting your weight front to back and stay centered. Reaching forward. And as you're undulating, you're going to feel the contractions. Starting in the upper back to lift the chest up. Upper abs, lower abs, release. Up to down. Upper back, upper abs.

And that's how you do a basic undulation.

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