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How to Do a Traveling Hip Lift in Belly Dancing

Let belly dancer Irina Akulenko teach you how to do the belly dance move known as the traveling hip lift in this Howcast video.


So now lets try a travelling hip lift. Keeping the knees bent, tail bone down, chest lifted, abs engaged. Your going to lift the right heal off the floor and your going to keep the left knee bent. So make sure your in this position at all times.Now your going to just take a little step to the right side and then shuffle the left foot over to the right foot. Your going to keep the right heal off the floor and the left foot on the floor. Lift up and step together. So we going to actually push the hip all the way up as we step up to the right foot and step together and lift and together and lift and together. And now we are going to try the same thing to the other side. So lift the left heal off the floor. We are going to take a tiny step out, lift the hip out and then as we drop the hip down we are going to take a little shuffling step together and lift and together as we travel to the left. Lift and together and lift and together. trying it again to the right. Up and together. Lets try that with music. (music playing). To the left. As your travelling try to keep this isolated in the lower body only. SO chest is lifted and the head is up and your not bouncing in space up to down. So lets try that full speed. Travelling to the right. (music playing) And remember this movement is completely horizontal. There is no twisting. Lets try it little bit faster. And you can take it all around. And that's how you travel with a hip lift.

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