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How to Do a Choo-Choo Shimmy in Belly Dancing

Let belly dancer Irina Akulenko teach you how to do the belly dance move known as the choo-choo shimmy in this Howcast video.



Now let's try the Choo Choo shimmy. So what we're going to do is step on the right leg and the left leg and the right and the left, keeping the knees really bent, chest lifted, tailbone down, and we're going to do this really fast and with each step we're going to lift the hip up. So the trick to that is keeping the knees really bent and not letting yourself straighten or bounce. Keeping the knees bent and thinking about shooting the hip to meet the ribcage. So taking a step with each hip lift, we're going to go right, left, right, left and let's try that with music. And this is much easier if you keep the heels lifted off the floor and keeping the weight on the inside of the feet. And faster. Keeping the chest lifted, not letting yourself bounce or level change so the head is floating up and try it even faster. You can travel with it and that's how you do a Choo Choo shimmy.

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