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How to Hunt with Keith McDonald

Learn about Keith McDonald, one of Howcast's hunting experts, in this video.


Hello I am Keith McDonald, nick name Killer Keith and hunting my whole life, 45-50 years, deer hunting, bear hunting, moose hunting, turkey hunting, you name it, I have hunted it. I am a licensed Maine guide. I've hunted in Alaska. I've hunted in Canada. I've hunted in Newfoundland. I've been everywhere, everywhere I've hunted Uh, been pretty successful. I'm a licensed Maine guide. Have been for 20 years. A lot of people hope someday to shoot a 200 pound deer. Well, my 2 brothers and I, the 3 of us, probably have shot somewhere around 55, 200 pound deer. We don't even know. We shot a lot of 200 pound deer. What I do, is, I do a lot of shooting, too. 'Cause the job I have, my job, in the summertime, anyway, is to teach people how to shoot a shotgun. That's my job. 40 hours a week, shooting shotguns.

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