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How to Go Rifle Hunting

Learn how to go rifle hunting from big game hunter "Killer Keith" McDonald in this Howcast hunting video.


Hello I am Keith McDonald, nick name Killer Keith and hunting my whole life, 45-50 years, deer hunting, bear hunting, moose hunting, turkey hunting, you name it, I have hunted it. I am a licensed Maine guide. I've hunted in Alaska. I've hunted in Canada. I've hunted in Newfoundland. I've been everywhere, everywhere I've hunted. Lot of people try to make up for poor shooting ability with magnum guns. They think that the bigger the gun, the less ability they need and the truth of the matter is, the bigger the gun, the less well they shoot. When we started shooting, 338 mag, whatever, whatever the caliber, it doesnt really matter. Big, big gun that kicks you. I don't like a gun that kills with both ends. And what it does, is it makes you start flinching, as you squeeze the trigger off getting ready for that tremendous kick that you are going to get and that makes you a bad shot. So I rather see somebody with a lesser gun that could control it and shoot accurately than the heavy magnums and put the bullet where it belongs. I have the 308 and a lot of people think that's on the small side, in this day and age and it is in power and so on, but I've had great luck with it and I am very comfortable shooting it and I know it's a good accurate gun and I could place the bullet where it belongs, so very happy with it. There are other things to consider of course with guns. There is different actions. Bold actions, lever actions, pump actions and semi-automatics and everybody has their preference on that. I kid people all the time because I use a brown semi-automatic. Squeeze a trigger five times, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. That's all you do, you don't have to work upon, work the lever, nothing. What that allows me is follow up shots, if I am worried that the first shot didn't hit as well as it should have, I can put an another one in there. I don't want the deer to run off, I don't want the deer to suffer. it's quick. What I hear all the time from other hunters is, Well I don't want to use the semi-automatic because they're prone to jam, you can make them jam up on you. And I don't buy that at all. I've been using semi-automatics my whole life. The deer rifle I have right now, I've been hunting with that 35 years, it's never jammed. It may some day. But I kid people all the time, I say, if my gun jams that means I've already missed. And usually your first shots your best so jam isn't a big important thing. And other people say I want a bold action because bold actions are more accurate than semi-automatics. And I believe they are right. Bold actions might shoot inside of an inch at a 100 yards, keep your bullets all inside of an inch, very accurate. Semi-automatic might be an inch and a half. And I'd like to see the man that can shoot under a deer situation, more accurate than an inch and a half, it isn't out there, so that throws off that idea off the window. And another thing I like about the semi-automatics they bleed some of the recoil off so they kick you less, so they are more comfortable to shoot. So what's the best deer rifle? Semi-automatic.

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