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What Should You Wear for Duck Hunting?

Learn what to wear for duck hunting from big game hunter "Killer Keith" McDonald in this Howcast hunting video.


Hello, I'm Keith McDonald, nick-name Killer Keith. Been hunting my whole life - 45, 50 years - deer hunting, bear hunting, moose hunting, turkey hunting - you name it, I've hunted it. I'm a licensed Maine guy. I've hunted Alaska, I've hunted Canada, I've hunted New Finland. I've been everywhere, everywhere hunting.

You're talking about being around water a lot so, you know, Goretex is great, of course. When you see duck-hunting gear it tends to be - you're going to be sitting so you want warmth because you're not going to be moving around much unless you're going to be the one that's going to be stalking through the Swale swamps and jump shooting. Usually if you're going to sit in a blind or you're in a boat or something, you want to be camouflaged good and you want nice, warm insulation that's waterproof.

Picture a duck with 9-power eyes or whatever it is, I'm not sure. Somewhere around 9-power binocular eyes and flying up 200 yards above the water or above you looking down on you. Camouflage becomes very important. Duck hunters tend to not like shiny guns, they like camouflage guns and camouflage clothing. They'll be inside huts that are all camouflaged up. They found out real quick if you're not camouflaged the ducks will swoosh off and is gone and they won't come back. So, camouflage becomes important.

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