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4 Shooting Tips for Hunting

Learn four shooting tips from big game hunter "Killer Keith" McDonald in this Howcast hunting video.


Hello I am Keith McDonald, nick name Killer Keith and hunting my whole life, 45-50 years, deer hunting, bear hunting, moose hunting, turkey hunting, you name it, I have hunted it. I am a licensed Maine guide. I've hunted in Alaska. I've hunted in Canada. I've hunted in Newfoundland. I've been everywhere, everywhere I've hunted. Oh, practice, probably, is the biggest thing. Most everybody that I know, when they get ready to go hunting with a rifle, they got to a range, or in their backyard, whatever. And they'll set up on a table somewhere, picnic table, and set up a bench-rest kind of thing, and rest their gun. And they'll shoot it, maybe 100 yards. Make sure the rifle's right on, and that's all good. But they're resting that gun off a very solid perch, and taking all kinds of time to make the shot. And we all tend to shoot quite well then. That's a very accurate way of shooting. And now, you take that same gun, and you head out in the deer woods. And a deer jumps up in front of you. Runs out there 100 yards, and stands there, and stops, and looks at you broadside. And you throw the rifle up, and you're shooting offhand. And you haven't done that. You haven't practiced that at all. And you find out that you can't shoot so well anymore. What you thought you could do with that rifle just changed dramatically. The rifle's capable of shooting groups off a bench at 100 yards. A hunter, offhand, is lucky to keep a 10 inch circle. Keep them in a 10 inch circle, he's doing quite well. Practicing shooting offhand, I think, if you wanna be a good shot, is probably the most important, important part of it. What I do, I tend to do, is I know what a bad shot I am offhand. And I know I'm not any worse than most other people. I, I try to avoid offhand shots as much as possible. So if a deer's in front of me, I'm walking along, and I see a deer, almost instantly, I'm looking for a tree, something to brace the gun against. The side of a tree, or something, to help me steady that gun. Um, 'cause I know I can shoot better. So I'm trying to make a good shot, the steadier you hold it, the better. And the more you practice, the better. And there are some good people, good shooters out there, offhand shooters that shoot very well. But there are no good shooters that don't practice. I've never seen one yet. What I've done with my buddies, and, some buddies and I have, we've gone to a pit that we're allowed to shoot in. And we'll set a target at 100 yards. Shoot at it offhand, for a box of shells or so. And then go into 50 yards, turn back 2 to it, and start walking away. And then, stop, turn around. Quick, see how long it takes you to actually get the gun up. Safety off, gun up, on target, pull the trigger. And practice that. And the more you practice it, the better you are at it.

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