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Where to Go to Hunt Deer

Learn the best places to go deer hunting from big game hunter "Killer Keith" McDonald in this Howcast hunting video.


Hello I am Keith McDonald, nick name Killer Keith and hunting my whole life, 45-50 years, deer hunting, bear hunting, moose hunting, turkey hunting, you name it, I have hunted it. I am a licensed Maine guide. I've hunted in Alaska. I've hunted in Canada. I've hunted in Newfoundland. I've been everywhere, everywhere I've hunted. New hunters have a problem with that, where do I go cause they don't have a clue, where to go, so you got to figure out how to find a spot to go deer hunting where your chances are good, cause you can find a lot of places where there aren't any deer. So, one way you can do, one thing you can do is call a local game or that's a great way to start so OK. Any primers around complaining about deer, even crops or is there any place you recommend maybe where there is good deer hunting. And the gamers will help you. So, that's a good way, talk to some of the local hunters or run gun clubs join a run gun club and check with him and see. But if you're gonna go on your own, so you haven't got anyone helping. Generally speaking what I would do if I am in new areas take topographical map and I'd look those over, and I've hunted so much that I can tell, looking at the map sometimes OK this area shows promise, now let's go scout it out and see what we see for sign, if you see a lot of sign Great, there's deer here, go head and hunt there. One thing good about main, if the land isn't posted you can hunt it and it's a good idea and they recommend that you ask permission, but in Maine big woods, if it isn't posted go head and hunt it. So, that makes it nice. Look for sign, if you see sign good, move on, find a new spot somewhere else and deer like anything they got to feed. Look for feed you'll find the deer.

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