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How to Go Duck Hunting

Learn about the different ways to duck hunt from big game hunter "Killer Keith" McDonald in this Howcast hunting video.


Hello I am Keith McDonald, nick name Killer Keith and hunting my whole life, 45-50 years, deer hunting, bear hunting, moose hunting, turkey hunting, you name it, I have hunted it. I am a licensed Maine guide. I've hunted in Alaska. I've hunted in Canada. I've hunted in Newfoundland. I've been everywhere, everywhere I've hunted.

There's different ways of duck hunting. Some of, a lot of duck hunters hunt on the coast of Maine cause it's great duck hunting on the coast with, for sure. And they'll go out you know and set up a duck blind on the on the shore and, and set there with their duck calls and when they're ready you know they, they'lldo most of the set up decoys, a whole raft of decoys out in front of him and they'll get back in the blind and just sit there and just at daylight, they'll start calling, hoping to call some ducks in that will fly in and land there. And that's, that's great fun, a great way to do it, your just sitting in the blind with your coffee and you you're best black lab sitting beside you and your uh it's it's all great you know, a great way to do it. But there's also jump shooting ducks where you can put waders on and just go into some of these swale swamps where your just walking around and it's called jump shooting, you know, you flush em you shoot em. And that's a good way that's a good way to do it. Great exercise and good shooting and great way to do it. There's another way of uh duck hunting which has kind of a lost interest I think over the last 20 years uh they used to come out and sell skulling boats which is a low thin boat you lay down in it and there was a special paddle out the back and the the skuller would skull along and you can actually ducks will let those skulling boats come up, they don't see any movement like it's a drifting log, it will drift right into a raft of ducks and when they fly up, you set up and let go. And uh, that's kind of a fun way to do it too. There are different ways of hunting em.

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