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5 Tips for the Home Plumber

Learn five tips for the home plumber from master plumber Tim Flynn in this plumbing repair tutorial from Howcast.


I'm Tim Flynn and I'm the owner of Winters Plumbing and Heating in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Winters Company offers plumbing, heating, cooling. If you need service today; we're the business to call. My website is I'll be talking to you today about plumbing. First thing you want to realize is do I know where the water-main is? In case something goes wrong, in case you break something, in case you really need to have a fallback point. You may know where the water-main is, but does everybody else? So always know where the water-main is. If you don't know where your water-main is, usually it's going to be in the front of your house. So directly underneath your front door, somewhere either on the right-hand side, or the left-hand side of your front door. So take a few minutes, before you go and do a project, to understand where that water-main is. If you were going to come home one night and you heard water rushing and you're water heater was leaking, you want to know how to shut that off as well. You always want to make sure that you're not the only one that knows how to shut off water; you want to make sure that everybody knows how to shut off water. I don't advise anyone to work with natural gas. I don't advise anyone to work on any kind of plumbing that requires a permit, like installing new bathrooms, installing new kitchen sinks. Only the repair items. I don't, I want to make sure that people remain safe especially if you're going to work with plumbing, someone could get hurt. Plumbing can be very fragile, plumbing can be very old; especially in the city, piping is not brand new so if you go to turn something inside of a wall it can break very quickly. So you want to be real careful, almost like you're handling an egg shell.

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