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How to Find a Good Plumber

Learn how to find a good plumber with advice from master plumber Tim Flynn in this plumbing repair tutorial from Howcast.


"I'm Tim Flynn and I'm the owner of Winters Plumbing and Heating in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Winters Company offers plumbing, heating, cooling. If you need service today; we're the business to call. My website is I'll be talking to you today about plumbing.

Finding a good plumber is it can be tricky. The first thing I look for is, how long have they been in business, are they connected to the Better Business Bureau, have they won any awards for service, word of mouth is not -- gone, reviews and online reviews have replaced word of mouth. I would check that plumbing company's reviews.

One of the key things, I think, I would do is call the company and listen to how the people react on the phone. You're looking to find, does this company have an answering service or does this company have a staff of people that can understand my issue and get the right person on the job for me right away. An answering service won't do that. Smaller companies tend to have an answering service or a voice machine. When you have a plumbing emergency you wanna talk to a live voice, someone that can get to you right away. Those are the first things I'll look at.

One of the questions that I like to have asked of me is, are your employees background tested, are they drug tested; the answer is yes to both, for my company, but you wanna make sure that -- you wanna know who you're hiring. As much information as you could possibly get about a company you wanna get it. Even by testing and asking all your friends, have you used these people or are they reliable, etc.

I tend to go with more family owned and operated plumbing companies. Family owned means that they've been in this business for a long time, that they're in the community for a long time. My company is privately held by me and my family, so when you have a privately held company, they're gonna care a lot more for you, because they usually live in the town that you live in as well."

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