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How to Do a Pole Spin in Pole Dancing

Learn how to do a pole spin from pole dancing instructor Mai Yee in this Howcast video.


My name is Mai Yee. I am an instructor at Sheila Kelley's S Factor studio in Manhattan, New York. I've been doing this movement for five years now, and it's a movement that combines ballet, Pilates, striptease, and pole dancing. We have a website where you can get more information, and that's And I'm here today to talk to you about pole dancing.

Here's a trick that's great for beginners because your feet never leave the ground. It's a spin that we call the pole spin at S Factor, and it creates this beautiful silhouette of your body against the pole. And it's kind of dramatic.

Here's how we do it. Your hand comes above your head onto the pole. I'm going to break it down first. Step with your right foot. Step with your left and face the pole. You're staying up on the balls of your feet. You're turning under your right arm as you pivot on the ball of your left foot. Turn under your right arm, swing your right leg out, and push out with your hip.

I'm going to break it down again slowly, like that. Step with your right foot, left, face the pole. Turn under, right arm pivoting, on the ball of your left foot. Swing your right leg out. Push out with your hip so it creates this beautiful S shape with your body.

Let's take it with a walk now. Step with your right foot, left, face the pole. Turn, hit that hip out to your left. And if you want to add a little extra flourish, you're going to shift your weight over to your right, slide your left leg underneath you, and recline down onto the ground kind of like a sexy lounge.

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