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How to Do a Pole Bend in Pole Dancing

Learn how to do a pole bend from pole dancing instructor Mai Yee in this Howcast video.


My name is Mai Yee, I'm an instructor at Sheila Kelley's "S Factor" studio in Manhattan, New York. I've been doing this movement for five years now. It's a movement that combines ballet, palates, striptease and pole dancing. We have a website where you can get more information, and it is And I'm here today to talk to you about pole dancing.. I'm going to show you a move that we call the Pole Bend at S Factor. It's a back bend using the pole for support. We're going to start to the left side of your pole, come about a foot and a half away, and have your feet hip width apart. You're going to reach your right hand back until it comes on the outside of the pole. Bring your shoulder to the pole. Lift up on the balls of your feet and push your hips up. Then you'll drop your head back and using your hand to control the speed, you're going to back bend using the pole for support to slowly sliding down the pole. Take your time and breathe. Let them see the beautiful curves of your body. When your head comes right above the ground you're going to tuck your chin into your chest and just let your spine slowly melt down. Let's do that, now with the left hand. Now, stand with your feet hip width apart. Lift back with your left hand until it comes to the outside of the pole. Bring your shoulder to the pole and lift up to demi-pointe. That's the balls of your feet. You're pushing your hips up and letting your head drop back. You're going to take a luxurious time rolling down. You can move hand on your body as well to extenuate the curves. When your head is right above the ground, tuck you're chin into your chest, and lay your spine down one bone at a time. And you'll reach your legs away, use your arms to support you to come up. Be sure when you're doing this trick that you move slowly. That shows off the beauty of the movement so much more.

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