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How to Do a Corkscrew Spin in Pole Dancing

Learn how to do a corkscrew spin from pole dancing instructor Mai Yee with this Howcast video.


My name is Mai Yee, I'm an instructor at Sheila Kelley's "S Factor" studio in Manhattan, New York. I've been doing this movement for five years now. It's a movement that combines ballet, palates, striptease and pole dancing. We have a website where you can get more information, and it is . And I'm here today to talk to you about pole dancing.

So here is an advanced beginning trick that we call the Corkscrew at S Factor. It's a muscle move so you wanna be sure that you've been building up your muscles in order to attempt this trick. You're gonna start at the left side of the pole. Your hands: palms are up to the sky, bring them to the pole, so your top hand is bent right above your head, thumbs are on one side your fingers around the other side. As you step in with your right foot, you're going to push off of that foot and bring your knee to your shoulder, sounds like a karate kick. You're gonna push off of this leg, this foot, to push your hips up. Your body is gonna go horizontal to the pole. Wrap your body around like you've got velcro on your belly, wrap it around the pole. You really wanna let your head go to the side, to go horizontal. Bring your hands into position, you're stepping with your right foot, pushing off that foot little high, wrap the top of your thighs and your belly should be pushing against the pole. Commit to letting the body go horizontal. Here we go: step in, little kick, there you are up, slowly release the grip a little bit, soften the grip and low down to your feet.

Now let's take this with a spin: So instead of just pulling your knee, your leg in like that, just tucking in, you're going to whip that outside leg out and then pull it in. Step like whips out, spin it down to the floor.
Now let's take it with a walk: so you can get even more spin if you like. Now you notice, your hand is in the wrong position right now, so as you're walking let your hand slide down and when you're ready to go on the trick you're gonna switch you grip around. And of course you're gonna do your left side as well. And that's your Corkscrew. Have fun with it!

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