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How to Do a Basic Climb in Pole Dancing

Learn how to do a basic climb from pole dancing instructor Mai Lee in this Howcast video.


My name is Mai Yee. I'm an instructor at Sheila Kelly's S Factor Studio in Manhattan New York. I've been doing this movement for five years now, and it's a movement that combines ballet, pilates, strip-tease, and pole dancing. We have a website were you can get more information and that's and I'm here today to talk to you about pole dancing. I'm gonna show you how to climb the pole today. This is a basic climb. As women we have a lot of strength in our legs, so I want you to really use the strength of your legs to do this climb. It's not all about your arms. I'm gonna give you a technique that's three steps, and if you follow the technique and use your legs you're going to save your arms. You're facing your pole, you'll bring your leg up to the pole. Flex your foot, so it's on one side of the pole. Bring your knee on the other side. You're going to pull your body up and bring your second leg behind the first one to push the leg into the pole. That's your platform that you're going to push off of. The first step is hands go up. The second is your going to pull your knees up using your abdominal muscles, and the third step is your going to squeeze the pole with your legs and stand up. That will send you up higher. Okay, so here we go. Pull your body up, cross your other leg behind. So first step, hands go up. Second step, use your abs, your arms, and your legs... "scooch" your knees up. Third step, scoot back a little bit, squeeze the pole with your legs to stand up. Again, hands, "scooch" your knees up, and then squeeze the pole between your calves and your knees to stand up. You don't want to stretch your arms way out there. You want to keep your arms close to your body, there's more strength in that... and I'm going to emphasize again that third step squeezing the pole and using your legs to stand up, rather than using your arm strength there. And here your either going to slide down on a fireman slide or hold on to the pole with your hands. Release with your legs for just a moment, bring your legs out in-front of you, and start to rock your hips from side to side as you prance your legs down to the ground. So, a couple things... the pole is going to feel a little bit uncomfortable at first it takes some getting used to the feeling of the hard metal against your skin. Also, coming down your going to also get used to that feeling. If you're feeling a bit of a burn between your legs. Um, so don't give up I know it's hard to start at first stick with the three steps, really use the strength of your legs, and you'll be climbing up in no time

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