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How to Do a Basic Inversion in Pole Dancing

Learn how to do a basic inversion from pole dancing instructor Mai Yee in this Howcast video.


My name is Mai Yee, I'm an instructor at Sheila Kelley's "S Factor" studio in Manhattan, New York. I've been doing this movement for five years now. It's a movement that combines ballet, palates, striptease and pole dancing. We have a website where you can get more information, and that's . And I'm here today to talk to you about pole dancing.
I wanna show you how to do a basic inversion on the pole. Be sure thought that you've been doing other movements to build up your strength for this. You wanna be able to hold your body weight up with just your arms before attempting this. And I don't want you to try this on your own. Be sure you have someone spotting you, who is watching you as you are doing this and they are to catch you in case you start falling. Let's get started. You gonna bring the hand that's closest to the pole and take a grasp right by your eyes. You other hand, your palms facing you and you grasping the pole above your head. We just gonna practice a movement of tipping your hips up first. You gonna step in with your right foot as you tilt, your hips are bend your left tie. So just practice that motion of tilting your hips up. That's the motion that's gonna take you into the inversion. Once you invert and your hips are up, then you gonna bring your left leg in front of the pole. Once you are up there, you'll bring the other leg behind and squish the pole between your legs. OK, so you are ready. Here we go. Let's set our hands. Be back a little bit behind the pole as you step in, tilt your hips up, bring your left leg in front of the pole, cross your other leg behind. And then you'll start to straighten your upper body, you can slide your hands down a little bit between your legs as you continue to squeeze between your ties on to the pole. Relax your upper body, imagine a snake sliding down, that's what you are doing. And as your head comes right above the ground, you type your chin into your chest, and place one bone at a time, your neck down your spine. When you first try to invert, you'll probably gonna be tempted to kick vigorously. Try to get that out of the trick eventually. You wanna eventually pool out with control and slowly, because it's more beautiful to see it that way and also it's less .. for your body. If you can pull up slowly without kicking, that would be great. OK, see you later.

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