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How to Say "Dear" in Spanish

Learn how to say "dear" in Espanol from Spanish teacher Felipe Bonilla in this Howcast video.


How to say 'dear' in Spanish.

If you're writing a letter and you wanted to say something like 'dear mom' or 'dear dad, in Spanish, you would say, "Querida mama." Let's try that again: Querida mama. Now for the dad; dear dad would be 'Querido papa'. Let's try that again: Querido papa. Let's try those again. Repeat after me: Querida and querido.

This is something that comes up with English-speakers when they want to learn how to say, for example, 'my dear aunt Suzy. Giving the quality or 'dear' to a person, it would be the same word in Spanish. That's an easy one to learn; it's going to be the same thing. 'Querida tia', for 'my dear aunt'. Repeat after me: Querida tia. Querido tio; my dear uncle. Same words and they both mean 'dear' in Spanish.

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